My Wish for the New Year

May we treasure health and wellbeing. May we fight to keep families, friends, and strangers safe from harm.

May we place self-evident principles—empathy, peace, and love—over arrogance, tribalism, and greed. May we be servant leaders, not mindless acolytes.

May we travel without fear, reconnect with friends, embrace new companions, and absorb the language and culture of those who live across the street or around the world. May we comprehend that all people—regardless of color, religion, or creed—are sacred and merit respect.

May we treasure all earthly inhabitants—from the minute to the mammoth. May we protect the beauty of coral, the majesty of rainforests, the nobility of wildlife. May we have the wisdom to cleanse the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the thoughts we harbor.

May we think . . . beyond ourselves.

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