Allen Johnson departed this life peacefully at 9:32 AM Pacific Time on Saturday, November 11th, 2023. Before he departed, he created the video above to pay tribute to the many friends, family, and colleagues he cherished. It was part of his final wishes that this video be posted for the world to see and remember him by.

Welcome to Allen Johnson’s World. This is the place for fresh ideas to raise your spirit and beautiful images to ease your burden. Here you’ll find a new story or a new image to make your life a little sweeter. I hope you’ll join me and come to believe as the Beatles once sang, “The love you take is equal to the love you make.”

Allen believed our world becomes richer and more encompassing when we abide by the self-evident principles of kindness, understanding, tolerance, mercy, grace, and love.

  • Stories: Each short story is designed to offer an easily understood yet profound tip for a broad range of subjects including communication skills, relationship building, conflict resolution, political commentary, and personal effectiveness. The topics are organized into eight categories: biographical, comical, emotional, fictional, intellectual, political, social, and spiritual.
  • Videos: Each video is intended to present a clear message regarding all aspects of personal and professional power. Categories include drama, biography, self-help, politics, travel, and children’s stories. In other words, there’s a little bit for all tastes.
  • Images to Inspire: There are days when we all need a boost—a moment for calm reflection and gratitude. Allen’s images—portraits, landscapes, flowers, birds, and fantasy—are meant to do just that.
  • Books to Entertain and Educate: Allen offers two types of popular books: those that entertain and those that educate. The entertaining novels cover the genres of romance, thrillers, and magical reality. The educational books engage the reader in the non-fiction exploration of psychology, sociology, and foreign lands.


Please take your time to browse. If you like something you see, please drop a line on our tribute page.

Regarding the Founder

Allen Johnson’s World is, obviously, the brainchild of Allen Johnson; but it’s not an overnight creation. Allen had over fifty years of experience in writing, photography, videography, and psychology. His education was founded on a BA in language literature from Northwest Nazarene University, a MA in communication from the University of Washington, and a PhD in in counseling psychology from Washington State University.

In his career, he was always an educator in one form or the other: high school teacher, university professor, organizational trainer and consultant, and international keynote speaker. He was a frequent newspaper columnist and the author of six popular fiction and non-fiction books.

Other passions included jazz (he was a pianist and vocalist), cycling, French language and culture, and living the good life with his one and only wife, Nita.

At the time of his passing, Allen had nothing to prove. Being a celebrity had no attraction (not that he ever was one). Being wealthy . . . well, he was wealthy enough. He was only interested in making a modest contribution to the world by sharing what he’d learned through the years. That’s why he created Allen Johnson’s World—a single location where all of his knowledge and experiences could find a friendly home.

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